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NOW you can do all your classes anytime anywhere!  No more leaving the house in the dark and wet or returning late.   No more gym membership fees and booking in or missing a class. Save time, money and still look amazing!


This gives you access to come train live with me via Facebook or Zoom 35+ classes per month/7 DIFFERENT AND BRAND NEW CLASSES EACH WEEK! or pick from over 850 pre-recorded classes which you can do at a time suitable for you.  Watch on your phone, tablet or TV.

PLUS new for 2023 month Zoom coaching calls to answer any questions or issues about exercise, nutrition or lifestyle.

PLUS you get a 7 day FREE trial, if its not for you then cancel within the 7 days and pay nothing!

Fitness at Home

Virtual Studio

Imagine waking up throwing on your gym gear and doing a live or on-demand workout at home.  Then shower breakfast and start your stress, no driving through traffic to the gym or booking a class weeks in advance. Schedule your classes around your life. Every live class is recorded and ready to watch within minutes of the class finishing.

Pick and choose your favourites from the large variety of classes and mix and match them at times suitable to you.  Jump in lives for added motivation and support.

3 ways to join/watch a class live on Zoom and Facebook OR on-demand on Facebook and here on the website in the MemberZone.

With over 30+ lives every month to choose from and over 750 pre-recorded classes you have so much choice and no excuses any more.

Feel free to join the lives with or without a cam until you feel more confident.  These classes are suitable for all levels of fitness with low and high impact options.  Try a FREE week...


Add a meal plan from IN10SITY for extra results. 


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