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Results & Reviews


David came highly recommended by David Lloyd Leisure Club and I have found his approach to fitness highly educational, creative and effective.

David uses a fresh sense of fun and humour, and through his imaginative, as well as challenging routines, consistently delivers an extremely enjoyable workout.

Going to the gym is no longer a chore – I now look forward to my training sessions. With David’s encouragement and motivational drive, I feel confident of reaching my goals.


David has an infection enthusiasm for fitness and it is clear to see that he loves his work.

Rose Anne Kenny, Professor of Cardiovascular Research, University of Newcastle



Wow the changes in my body are amazing!! In 12 short weeks doing personal training with David I have managed to shed the weight I have struggled to lose for the last 2 years. I can’t thank David enough for his help.


Gillian Noon

Lost 29cms & 12.3% body fat



Having lost 6 stone though healthy eating and being a member of FX Leisure for 2 years I found my efforts were not providing the results I was looking to achieve. I became a client of David’s’ 11 weeks ago with the aim to tone and firm up. David created a specialist training programme to suit my requirements and provided nutritional advice to help me achieve my goals.

David has helped to motivate me, give me confidence and improve my body image. I feel healthier, fitter, more toned and full of energy. I enjoy every minute of my workouts and look forward to my one to one PT sessions. Not only do I find David’s training sessions fun and creative, but I am learning new skills every week.

In just 11 weeks I have had fabulous results which have been noticed by family, friends and members of the gym. The compliments I have received together with David’s encouragement have given me such a lift and a massive boost in confidence which feels great!

Sarah Laurie (King), results after 10 weeks training    Lost 6,25 inches/15.5 cms & 15mm body fat -3.75%!!!

6 weeks ago with my wedding day fast approaching I decided to try David’s IN10SITY Diet together with his conditioning class and also continue with my weekly personal training sessions.  Within 1 week I could see results, even with eating 5 meals a day! My muscle definition improved from week to week and my abs have made a much welcome appearance, I have enjoyed every minute and feel amazing. 


Thank you David for all your support!


Sarah Laurie (King), results after 6 weeks training

Lost 12 inches/31.5cms & -16mm body fat -5%!!!    Lost 7lbs of body fat & gained 5lbs of lean muscle!

TOTAL LOSS: 18.25inches/46cm & 31mm BODY FAT, -8.75%

TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS 6st 7lbs!! from 15st down to 8st 7lbs!!



Training with David is amazing! He makes every session fun and different…which makes getting fit and losing weight fun! David is the only person who I have ever actually seen results with and he has been great at giving me advice on my diet!


Charlotte Crosby – lost 2.5st Belly Blitz and Bum Blitz DVDs, MTVs The Charlotte Show, Just Tattoo of Us, Ex on the Beach, Geordie Shore & Celebrity Big Bother Winner



I’ve had the joy to train with David all round the world and he makes things so fun yet his training is so effective, last time I nearly lost a stone in 2 weeks!  What you waiting for just do it!

Sophie Kaesai – lost 13lbs, Geordie Shore MTV



I have been training with David now since the beginning of the year and in this time he has helped me to lose 4 and a half stone which I lost over 5 months and am still losing weight now. I have now been able to build my fitness up to a level and lose enough weight where I have now been offered a job in the army which at the beginning of the year seemed impossible, the food plans have been amazing and the sessions are always great fun, thanks for all your support David and helping me reach my life goal

Aaron Leonard – lost 4st



I can’t believe it I trained and lived with David in Cape Verde and in just 7 days I lost 10lbs and feel and look amazing, thanks David

Chloe Ferry – lost 10lbs. Geordie Shore MTV



David helped me see training as fun rather than torture, every session is different and the meals actually tasted really nice. If I can do it anyone can do it!

Scarlett Moffatt,

Lost 3st training with David, No.1 Fitness DVD, CH4 Goggle Box, Saturday Night Takeaway & ITVs I’m a Celebrity Winner.



This email is just to say a massive thanks! I get married on Thursday and within those last 10 month I have lost 6 stone 12 pounds!!! I could not have done that if it was not for you! I’m not exactly where I want to be but I am happy to be getting married like this and I’m sure even after the wedding I will continue to lose weight, I will never go back to the way I was because I understand food now, I understand what I ‘need’ as opposed to what I ‘want’!


Jen Baxter – lost 6st 12lbs



I absolutely loved training with David. Not only did he have the knowledge and expertise to help me lose weight and tone up quickly he was so motivational! Working out with him didn’t feel like a chore – we were constantly bantering and the time flew over! I love him!

Vicky Pattison

Lost 3st for her No.1 7 Day Slim DVD, MTVs Geordie Shore & Ex on the Beach & ITVs I’m a Celebrity Winner.



After running for 2 years I felt as though I had come to a standstill with my weight and shape, I spoke to a friend who had been doing some PT sessions with David and had brilliant results so I thought I would give it a go. My 1st session was my fitness test, I thought I would breeze through it, but I could hardly move for a week even though I thought I was pretty fit from running, it just made me more determined to prove to myself I could do it.

No two weeks are the same so I am never worried about what’s coming and certainly never bored I am loving every minute.

David really motivates you and just when you feel you are about to give in he gives you the encouragement to give it your all.


Lynn Cowan

In only 9 weeks Lynn lost 13.5 inches/35cms & dropped 5% body fat, plus smashed all her fit test records!



I have been having personal training sessions with David for nearly a year, in this time I have gone from being unfit and unhappy with myself to training for a triathlon.

He has the ability to make you believe in yourself and want to achieve great things, whilst his vast knowledge means you know you’re getting the best advice & tuition available with workouts customised to your specific needs. His infectious personality and charisma mean every session is fun and interesting and I look forward to them all!


I can’t imagine training without David now!

Sharon Bowman

Lost 12”/30cm!!! & 23mm body fat!




I got in touch with David though FX leisure as I had six weeks to get in shape for my wedding and needed some serious motivation! Initially it felt slightly daunting but within five minutes of my first session it felt like I had known David for years his professional yet friendly and down to earth manner was great, all my insecurities and lack of motivation vanished.

David drew up 3 structured and easy to follow exercise plans one I followed alone, one to train at home and one for our PT sessions. I continued to meet up with David twice weekly which, although I was worked hard, was very enjoyable. At the end of my six weeks David took my body measurements which had improved more than we both expected.

I would recommend personal training with David to everyone, he helped me look and feel at my best on my wedding day and I’m sure my husband would agree too!


Thanks again David you’re a star!

Karry Anne Aird

Lost 18”/46cms!!! & 13mm body fat



I loved training with David, his exercises were fun and unique and his experience and knowledge is second to none. I would recommend Personal Training with David to anyone who wants to get fit, lose weight and have fun all at the same time, I now look forward to working out!

Victoria Hawkins, Emmerdale, TV & Stage Actress



I’m really happy with my weight loss as I usually struggle with yo-yo diets and this was just the boost I needed. David has also showed me how food can be both healthy and tasty.

Lauren Goodger, lost 3st for her Fitness DVD & 6lbs in 5 days with David, ITVs The Only Way is Essex



After being a client at FX Leisure for over a year, doing cardio first for long periods of time then doing weights afterwards, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I wanted to drop a dress size, look more defined and be more body confident.

I approached David for Personal Training, and following my fitness test and measurements and discussing my goals, a workout programme was created for me and I was also sent diet advice and meal ideas which were very useful, from which I changed my habits, rather than doing diets from which the weight never stayed off. After 10 weeks of training and sticking to the workouts I found that I really could push myself further – resulting in me becoming fitter, defined and more confident, especially in a bikini! My workouts consisted of resistance training (weights and floor work) and lots of core stability work (my core and posture were poor) with the right amount of cardio included.

I can honestly say that I have learned a lot from David – from Diet advice and how I train in the gym, how often and how long for and when to change my workouts. David is supportive and is always happy to answer any questions I have about the workouts and diet tips too.

I would recommend David’s Personal Training and Workout programmes to anyone!


Stephanie Thomson



What stunned me about David was his ability to take on board your personal goals and actually turn them into achievements! He has the experience and passion to assess individual physiques and determine exactly how to mould them into shape. I look forward to my PT sessions as he always brings fun and new ideas. The more time I spend training with David the more I am amazed by him and his capabilities with my work outs.


Angela Radford



Personal training with David was a shock to system, his exercises were fresh, very effective and nothing like what I had done before. I was expecting the usual cardio and 3 sets of 12 reps, but David had me doing exercises which combined cardio and resistance all in one giving me a fat burn work out, increasing my strength and endurance and working all my body including my core and abs.

Personal training with David was anything but boring and has showed me a completely different side to fitness as well as teaching me some valuable exercises. I will definitely be training with David again and now look forward to going to the gym!


Charlie Drummond – Ch4 Big Brother Finalist 2009

Results after 12 weeks training – Lost 6.75”/17cms!!! & 12mm body fat, now only 9.5%



To David a big thank you!

Exercise and fitness training have always been a big part of my lifestyle, from boxing and bodybuilding in my teens to early twenties, to running, circuits and weight training later on. However, I found I had become complacent and bored with my workouts.

After joining FX Leisure, I met Fitness Presenter and Personal Trainer David Souter. David introduced me to a wide selection of exercises that I had never seen before. The results and benefits after only 5-6 weeks of 1-2 PT sessions a week were tremendous. I lost body fat toned up and reduced my waist! I felt stronger and had more energy than ever before. The core exercises David did with me, although challenging, were fantastic for my whole body and this lead to increasing my strength and improved my posture and reduced my back pain that I had suffered from for years!

His knowledge and exercises are some of the best I have known and I would recommend David to anyone of any ability to benefit from this great way of training.


Daron Hodgson



I have had personal training sessions with David, and observed great results. I enlisted David’s help to improve my overall fitness, however the main focus being on my endurance fitness – improving my efficiency and effective capability as an active member of the Reserved Service, with the added benefit of losing weight.

I specifically chose David as my personal trainer as I found him approachable, friendly and a good listener – listening to my specific needs. From this, David drew up several structured workout programmes for me to work through in my own time and during my 1-2-1 sessions – meeting up on a weekly basis. I also attend his classes at FX leisure which support my 1-2-1 training sessions.

During this time, I have found David to be dedicated, highly motivated – even when motivation is at its lowest, and professional at all times. David has supported me in every aspect, from physical training to nutritional advice where necessary, and has helped me retrieve my enjoyment of attending a gym or doing any physical activity.

I would recommend David to my friends and fellow gym members so they too can experience some of David’s passion and drive in enabling individuals’ to achieve their goals and reap the benefits similar to myself.  Thank you, David.


Mags O’Donnell

Lost 1½ stone & Lost 17cms!!! & 24mm body fat



I approached David for his advice for prenatal training and found him friendly, enthusiastic and supportive. I am now in the middle of my 2nd trimester and have followed his training programmes since my 1st trimester and have found them motivating and challenging. I also take part in his classes and also have been given ongoing support there too. Without a doubt I would recommend David to my friends and fellow gym members at FX leisure and I will definitely be seeking his assistance when I come to losing my baby weight.


Angela Thompson – Ante-natal Personal Training



Just thought I would drop you a few lines regarding my new training programme.

After being sceptical at first as, I’ve been training in gyms for years and thought I knew it all, I decided to take the plunge and have a change from my usual boring routine (Lots of cardio one session then weights the next). Being a tight arse I really didn’t want to pay for assistance, lol! All I can say is it was worth every penny as David put together an excellent training programme, I enjoy it as its flexible and I can compete against myself to see how much I can get done 2nd time around.

I’ve seen a marked improvement in my fitness and it has also toned my body (I know this as my trousers are a lot slacker). I have seen good improvements in my upper body, stomach and core area. I am also enjoying going to the gym a lot more than I used to.

I can recommend this programme to anyone as the level can be set as per the individual. In fact, I recommended it to everyone who’s asked me about it in the gym during my morning sessions.

I also like the fact that David is nearly always in the gym for support and assistance regarding technique etc.

Thanks David for your assistance and I look forward to your support going forward.


Keith Turner



I’d had a baby in May 2007 and although I was going to the gym regularly since birth of my baby, I was struggling to lose my excess weight I had gained during my pregnancy. I was losing direction, motivation and becoming despondent at not being able to shift the weight. So I started having weekly personal training sessions with David in August 2009 and instantly started seeing results. I then also enrolled on his FX Factor Bootcamp course and absolutely loved it. It was exercising whilst having fun, losing weight, toning up and feeling great all at the same time. Everyone in the class thoroughly enjoys it and we have all become good friends.

I have lost half a stone in weight, toned up and now feel much more positive about my body. David has motivated me to keeping fit and has made a tremendous positive difference to my health and fitness. His training sessions are great fun. They are always varied and different to the normal boring repetitive gym routines. His knowledge is first class and always up to date with latest fitness information. He is very sympathetic and understanding to your requirements. He brings out your full potential without it being a mental and physical chore.

Now for the first time since I had my baby, I now actually enjoy going to the gym to keep fit and is now a part of my lifestyle.


Martine Forster



I have been going to gyms for years but got bored of doing the same things and not seeing results. David makes training fun and I see it as a partnership. David gives me his expertise and encouragement and in return I put in commitment to the programme and work hard in our sessions. What’s great is that, as well as my one to one sessions, I also have personalised exercise cards to keep me focused in my workouts.

I can definitely see the results of our hard work and I love it. I’ve lost inches, about a stone in weight and dropped a dress size! But more importantly I have learnt that I can get fit if I put my mind to it and I love the new improved toned me!

Sophie O’Mahony

Lost 1 stone & Lost 52cms!!! & 14mm body fat



I have been getting personal training with David for just over a year now, I used to do synchronised swimming & following retiring from this I knew I had to keep exercising to keep fit & keep slim. I used to do 45 minutes to an hour of cardio a session but David re-educated me in that I didn’t need to do that much & I should be doing more toning & weight training. I still like to do a run each session but now know the correct exercises to do to get the best results.

David keeps me motivated throughout & continuously comes up with new exercises to keep challenging me. I am extremely happy with the results that I have gotten from training with David.

Helen Vardy

Lost ¾ stone & Lost 35cms & 16mm body fat!!



It was tough, but I really enjoyed the challenge and have toned up to actually feel happy in my own body for the first time in many years. I now have to maintain this and sure David will keep an eye on me and crack the whip if I don’t!

David was supportive without being overbearing and would often pop over to see how I was managing. When it came to have my final measurements taken I was terrified in case nothing had happened even though I knew it had as all my clothes now fit! I was thrilled to find out that I have toned up vastly and I now feel stronger both physically and mentally – I wore a bikini without hating myself too which was the whole point from the beginning.

My injuries to my shoulder, knees and back are so much stronger and I can lift heavier weights – the whole programme was a total success. 


Thank you again David

Sarah Baty

Lost – 7.5”/19cms!!! & 25mm body fat


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