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Fitness Equipments

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         Bringing the Fitness Studio and results to you...          

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       Train in half the time and still get amazing long lasting results    

         PLUS 5 Day FREE Trial     

Online Workout

Train with an award winning celebrity coach!


  • Understand nutrition & exercise

  • Build self belief & confidence

  • Look & feel amazing

  • Improved sleep & energy

  • Better performance

  • Increased libido

  • Lose fat

  • Increase/maintain muscle

Check out the amazing results & FREE workouts click below...

Train at home, garden, office, hotel room even on holiday if that's your thing!

No more...

    Driving through rush hour

    Early starts or getting home late

    Trips to the gym in the dark, cold or rain

    Sharing stinky equipment

    Booking classes

Train when & where YOU want!

  • 1500+ On-demand workouts & classes

  • New live monthly classes

  • Weekly group coaching catch-ups

  • 10 Meal Plans for all lifestyles

  • Recipe books inc. desserts & treats

  • Mental Health Section

  • Group Support

  • 1-2-1 Coaching & Support directly


Live & On-demand Workouts

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BODYfit   FOODfit    MINDfit


Get in the best shape of your life and still enjoy life, family and loved ones. Lose weight, maintain/gain muscle, more energy, better sleep, improved mood and performance, increased libido!  Train less, eat more and reclaim your life!

Level 1: 10 Day Kick Start Plan: 40+ workouts, male and female nutrition plan. Launched back in 2013 with amazing results. 10 Days, 10 min workouts = average -10lb - Only £9.92pm

Level 2: Premium Plan: Over 1500 on-demand workouts, live classes & group coaching, 10 meal plans, recipe books, challenges plus ClearSkin plan & mental health section.

SPECIAL OFFER: all annual members will received FREE 10SION resistance band & disc set!

Level 3: Project YOU: Full access to Levels 1 & 2 plus personal 1-2-1 coaching and support with myself - Only £49.99pm

Click 'Get Started' below for 100s of results, reviews and FREE workouts.

Practicing Yoga

         Special Offer FREE Resistance Band Set!         

         Premium Annual Memberships      

         PLUS 5 Day FREE Trial     

Join my Annual Premium Plan

& grab a FREE 10SION Band & Disc set!

WORKOUTS: 10-30 Minute sessions

TONEit - Legs, bums & abs conditioning workout

BODYrip - Resistance class using hand weights

10SION - Strength class with resistance bands & discs

COMBATA - Full body explosive fitness session

TABATA - Interval class for strength & fitness

PWR Stretch - Strength, mobility and flexibility

MAXit - HIIT fully body workout for strength & fitness

MOVEit - Fun dance, combat & conditioning class


4 day, 10 day, 30 day & forever plans

Basic, high protein, vegan, intermittent fasting and more, plus recipe books.

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