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 1-2-1 & Small Group Training                      

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 Online Live & On-Demand Workouts & Nutrition      

Int. Award Winning Celebrity Trainer David Souter as seen on

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Award Winning FitPro


Hi my name is David, I'm an award winning celebrity fitness trainer and I've been training people just like you for over 34 years. If you are here, then you are looking to improve your lifestyle through exercise and healthier food choices – after probably failing many times you are now at the right place.


  • 1-2-1 Personal Training

  • Small Group Training

  • Private Fitness Studio

  • Online Training @ Home/Office

  • Wide Range of Nutrition Plans

  • See below for my online classes and nutrition plans...

There is only one thing stopping you achieving your goals...YOU


Having a private fully equipped studio means no gym memberships or members watching or sharing equipment. We can also work together virtually online via the Zoom app, anywhere in the world.


Each PT booking includes body assessments, nutrition advice and meal plans and, recommended for best results, extra home workouts for in-between our sessions.

Fit Women

Live & On-demand Workouts

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STUDiO 10 brings the fitness studio to you.


Level 1: Kick Start Plan. 40+ workouts and male and female nutrition plan. This plans was launched back in 2013 with amazing and consistent results.  I recommend all my client complete this plan first.  Average weight loss in 10 Days using my 10 minute workouts and meal plan - 7-12lbs and it stays off!

Level 2: Premium Plan. The Kick Start Plan and over 1250 new  on-demand workouts, monthly live workouts & coaching, 10 meal plans, recipe books and challenges plus mental health section. Special Offer click below...

Level 3: Project YOU: Full access to Levels 1 & 2 plus 1-2-1 coaching with myself. 

With so much variety of class and the amount of workouts and meal plans there is a plan for everyone.  I am always here to help and if needed can chat and discuss a personalised plan for you.

Health and ftness is NOT a 6 or 12 week challenge before your holidays. Weight loss and muscle maintenance are important but I want to help you get in the best shape of your life for the rest of your life. If you want the best out of life you have to put the work in long term. Yes you will lose weight and gain some lean muscle but you will also build confidence, be more productive, more posotive mood, nicer to be around, improved sleep, more energy and increased labido and live longer and better.

If you have any questions please get in touch, or click below and I will see you in class or a coaching call soon.


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